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Are You Seeking to Partner with the Perfect Painting Contractors?

If your once-beloved home has started to lose its appeal, you might be thinking about upgrading its interior paint job. While the painting is an often-overlooked part of interior decorating and design, the savviest homeowners know that sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all a home needs.

But it’s not as simple as calling the first painting company you come across in the phonebook. The quality of your home painting project doesn’t rest in the type of paint you choose. What’s going to determine whether you have a picture-perfect living room or a catastrophe on your hands, depends on which painting company you choose to work with.

We suggest looking for the company who offers:

  • A Portfolio of Previous Work
  • Free Consultations
  • Low-VOC Interior Paints
  • Competitive Rates
  • Clean-Up Services

You’ll only find one company who checks all these boxes—and that is Paul's Precision Painting LLC. Call us today!

Our Interior Painting Services Will Revitalize Your Home

We do more than add simple coats of paint to your living room walls. We can paint your banisters, paint your ceilings, and more. We can even add special trim and borders to select walls. Maybe you’re even just looking for an accent wall in your dining room?

Whatever the case, we can help you!

Healthy House Painting: We Use Non-Toxic Paints on Your Indoor Surfaces!

You won’t catch us using outdoor-appropriate paints on the inside of your home. At Paul's Precision Painting LLC, we only use low-VOC and EPA-approved indoor paints.

Whether you’d prefer latex-based paint, milk paint, or another acceptable indoor paint is up to you! We have many for you to choose from.

The Interior Painters Who Offer Free Consultations

The secret to painting is in the planning and preliminary stages. Before we even pick up a paint brush, we’ll sit down with you and listen to your aspirations for your home. We’ll also take time to determine your preferred budget for the project. We’ll even do a walk-through of your home beforehand, so we know what furniture we’ll have to cover or move out of sight.

Room Painting: The Budget-Friendly Alternative to Changing Your Home

Interior painting can be expensive, or it can be extremely economical. One thing is for sure; it will change the look and feel of your home!

When it comes to determining the financial cost of your project, we aren’t going to pressure you to go one way or the other. We’ll wait for you to set the budget before bringing out the paint buckets.

We Are the Painting Company Who Lets You Set the Schedule!

We know how disruptive a home painter can be to a family’s daily lives. To ensure we only cause a minimal disturbance, we let you set our work schedule instead of the other way around.

The Best Interior Painting Services in the Boise Area

Are you looking for an interior painter because you don’t want to spend your limited free-time watching paint dry? Chances are you don’t want to spend your time making sure your painting contractor doesn’t take any missteps or make mistakes too, right?

If so, give Paul's Precision Painting LLC a call. With years of experience and an eye for detail, we’re the painters you can count on.

Prep-Work Is Our Priority

When you set out to perform any household task yourself, you’re not interested in taking up all your time. You’re looking to get the job done quickly because it is the weekend and you want to spend time with your family.

When your free-time is so limited, this approach is understandable. But would you expect it from a team of hired professionals? Absolutely not! That’s why you’ll never catch us skimping on the precautions, planning, and preliminaries. Taping your walls, covering your furniture, and scraping and washing your walls might seem time-consuming, but they’re actually part of the sensible and cost-effective approach to home painting.

A little bit of prep goes a long way. Don’t be surprised if you see us scraping the gunk off your walls or sanding down a surface. It’s all in the name of a high-quality finished product. Call us today to request our services!

Interior Painters Who Think Like Interior Decorators

We’re passionate about painting. We keep up with industry trends and pay attention to the latest obsessions in the world of interior design. While that might seem a little irrelevant, think again. Your walls have a major effect on the look and feel of your home. The wrong coat of paint can have catastrophic consequences.

As for the right coat of paint? It can complement your home décor or contrast it in a creative and conscious way. Take the accent wall, for example, a feature we’ve provided for homeowners throughout Boise. Sometimes you only really need one wall painted to make your house feel like a home.

Affordable and Sustainable Paint Choices

With so many attractive options to choose from, you might think our services are costly. You might even think our paint choices are toxic or environmentally harmful because that’s how it often is with other companies. Think again. When we’re working with clients, we’re always working with their wallets and their health in mind.

With a variety of low-VOC, eco-friendly, paint types to choose from, we are more than confident you will find a ‘green’ and non-toxic paint color for your home.

Cleanliness Is King

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we don’t consider our job complete just because we’ve finished applying a coat of paint. After that, we inspect every painted area of your home to make sure there were no mistakes or sloppy paint strokes. When it is decided that the paint job has met your high standards and ours, we’ll begin the clean-up process. We’ll make sure your home is even cleaner than when we began painting it!

The Best Interior Painters in Boise

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